16 Jun

Communitywide program started by Sheri Tansicolli and Frank Razzano.

Originally formed to assist each other when needed, water your plants when traveling, bring in your trash cans, grocery shopping when you are unable to. Neighbors for Neighbors has expanded!


Neighbors 4 Neighbors (N4) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of our resident's lives by providing information, assistance through volunteering /serving our Community and providing social activities.

Meets at clubhouse 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm. Open to all residents.


RESOURCES: Gathers information to benefit new and existing residents. 

COMMUNITCATIONS: Develops monthly email distribution to residents regarding N4N. Assist in providing resources for Block Captains and preparing meeting agendas.

EVENT PLANNING: Plans beneficial social events for residents, i.e. 4th of July, Octberfest and New Year's Eve.

LIABILITY GROUP: Identifies potential risk for members, develops necessary disclaimers and provides beneficial information for members.

BLOCK CAPTAINS: At least one Captain per street. Your go to resource if you need assistance!

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