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Details Thursday March 16th 8:00 am

VALLEY OF FIRE -- 29450 Valley of Fire Rd, Overton NV estimated distance to location 50 Mils. Approx 1 hr 8 mins driving time. 

Drive through Lake Mead National Park (park pass required).

Parking cost $10.

Carpooling from clubhouse at 8:00 am. Recommend riding together according to experience of hikers.

Moderate Designated Trail is Fire Wave. Out/BACK 1.5 MI WITH VERY UNEVEN TERRAIN.  Plus 7 WONDERS LOOP TRAIL. Requires scrambling. Need to circumnavigate the water slot midway through trail.

 For those who want extra adventure, the WHITE DOME TRAIL (1.1mi) is very steep descent with sandy rocks, followed by normal trail walking.


1. MOUSE'S TANK (.75 mi out/back)

2. RAINBOW VISTA (1.0 mi Out/back)

3. ATLATLA ROCK CLIMB ... steep stairs to view petroglyphs. 

4. ELEPHANT ROCK (.2mi) visible from roadway

5. FIRE WAVE TRAIL (PARTIAL) Turn around when becomes too difficult

6. View 7 sisters and arch rock from road


Trail or hiking shoes, sand can make the rocks slippery,

WATER, HEAD COVER and snacks.

Confirm via group me. 

Looking for suggestions for future hikes!

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